The Management of
Fcet Ekiadolor


The Provost is the Chief Accounting Officer of the College assign with the administrative and academic leadership of the College. He also provides direction; evaluate all academic and administrative activities in the College.


He is at top pinnacle of the Registry Department serves as the Head/Administrative Officer of the College. He oblige as the chief service centre and manager of the school personnel unit, with statutory responsibility to promote the Vocational Technical Education mandate, aims and objectives of the College..


The Bursary Department is headed by the Bursar who is the Chief Financial officer of the College, responsible to the Provost for the day to day administration and control of financial affairs of the College.

College Librarian

The College Librarian is saddled with managing, organizing, evaluating, and disseminating information to students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the College. He is a professional who provides support to the academic community in the College Library.

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